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Providing… Direction.  A Difference.  Results.


Welcome to DDR!  We provide Respite, Habilitation and Attendant Care services to individuals with developmental disabilities.  We hope you find valuable information on our website!  If you are a Consumer, family member or someone who would like to work with people who have developmental disabilities, please contact us so we may help you become part of the DDR family.

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To provide Consumers with the best possible services that promote their independence, self-esteem, and abilities in the least restrictive environment, in a timely manner, and with the greatest possible attention to details that ensure they are satisfied with our services and that their needs are met.


Individuals with developmental disabilities have the right to lead self-directed lives, make informed decisions, and deserve a support system designed to promote these endeavors so a high quality of life can be achieved.


• DDRs team members respect and support every Consumer’s abilities, desires and strengths
• Advocacy and full community inclusion for Consumers is vital to their quality of life
• Promoting Consumer independence is a top priority
• Honesty is the best policy
• Communication with all team members is key
• Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to our DSPs
• Training is a necessary component of quality DSPs
• Documentation with attention to details is critical to a quality organization
• DSPs are recognized for a job well done
• Have fun & enjoy life!

Under Titles VI and VII, of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, DDR prohibits discrimination in admissions, programs, services, activities or employment based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, and disability.  DDR must make a reasonable accommodation to allow a person with a disability to take part in a program, service, or activity. For example, this means that if necessary, DDR must provide sign language interpreters for people who are deaf, a wheelchair accessible location, or enlarged print materials. It also means that DDR will take any other reasonable action that allows you to take part in and understand a program or activity, including making reasonable changes to an activity. If you believe that you will not be able to understand or take part in a program or activity because of your disability, please let us know of your disability needs in advance if at all possible.

Respite & Habilitation Care Services