Fall 2014 Newsletter


***7th Annual DSP Recognition Banquet***

Another year of great work by our DSPs and another wonderful opportunity to honor and recognize a job well done!  We had 6 DSPs present, and 6      Consumers/families represented.  On Saturday, August 23 we met for lunch, then we got to the serious business of recognizing our DSPs.  Each Consumer presented their special DSP(s) with a certificate of appreciation, as well as saying a few words about what makes their DSP so special.  Special recognition was given to Jane Pagel, our DSP who had reached her 10-year tenure status.  Other DSPs recognized were  Lisa K, Lisa O, Peggy S, and Tanya H.  We ended the celebration with the announcement of our DSP of the Year.  This year we had 2 DSP’s!!!   Lisa O and Lisa K.  Both DSPs were honored with a personalized plaque and a $100 Walmart gift card.  They are both dedicated and attentive DSPs in our independent living homes.

Congratulations Lisa & Lisa!



Happy Birthday!

The following individuals will be celebrating a birthday in October, November and December:

Happy Birthday to….

Nichole R, Samantha H, Angela W,  Michael O, Lisa R, Maria C, Juanita H, Karlee F, Kimber L, Christine M, Brenda A, Peggy S, Juanita H, Ben M, Courtney P, Erica T

Happy Birthday to all of you!



Saturday, December 6, 4 p.m.

Deborah’s home

We will be catering in dinner and  our tradition of making ornaments to hang on the DDR wreath will continue!

Come meet other Consumers and DSPs!

This year we will also continue with our white       elephant gift exchange!



As the winter breaks and holidays fast approach, there may be times when your Consumer and/or DSPs needs will change.  Please let DDR know as soon as you know if they do, then DDR can work on arranging to have your needs met.  If you have any  special needs that require detailed attention, let DDR know and we can meet to discuss.


10 years!


Congratulations to Jane Pagel for her 10 years with DDR!   Jane was honored at our banquet with a special basket of “10” goodies,         including a beautiful bracelet that embodies what a gem she is!

The next time you’re in our office, check out the new Decade Club plaque, with Jane’s name as the first honoree!



Mark your calendars for the MANDATORY annual Bloodborne Pathogens training.   Annual vehicle inspections will be conducted as well.

Save the date—February 7, 2015

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